Cancellation Return and Refund Policy

Cancellation, Return and Refund Policy

At UPapp we create awesome mobile apps & backend systems that you enjoy using for your business or professional life. The policy is framed for your convenience in a situation wherein we have failed to meet your expectations.

Monthly Subscriptions:

If you have opted for Monthly Subscription model and you decide to cancel your subscription, we will cancel your subscription at the end of the month as you would have already paid for that month in advance on the same date of the month which your first month began with.

Annual Subscriptions:

UPapp doesn’t force you into an annual subscription as a condition to use our services. We prefer to give you the flexibility to choose. In exchange for you signing up for an annual up-front commitment, we offer you a significant discount over the already-low monthly subscription cost. If during the annual subscription you decide to cancel your subscription, we work on a very convenient method for you as follows:

  1. Total number of months that you have utilized using our services, we deduct those months at the rate of USD 29.9 per month + 25% fee of the remaining months. For example, you opted for our annual plan which is priced at USD 359 & you decide to cancel the subscription in the 6th month. Then you will pay (6 months x USD 29.9 = USD 179.4) + (25% of 6 months x USD 29.9 = USD 44.85). So, the total amount that will be refunded to your card would be USD 134.75


For your convenience, only your monthly subscriptions will auto-renew until you cancel the service. Every time before your subscription auto-renews, we will send a mail specifying the amount that will be charged to your credit card at least 5 days in advance. Similarly, after each renewal we will send you a receipt via e-mail specifying the amount that has been deducted together with the next renewal date and the next renewal amount.

We know that sometimes customers forget to cancel an account they no longer want until it is having already been charged. That’s why you can cancel your monthly/annual subscription even 2 business days after your renewal date, and we will still process your cancellation and give you a FULL REFUND.

For questions, please e-mail

Exception to our Refund Policy:

Please note that we will not entertain a request for refund (FULL or PRO-RATED) when we have suspended or terminated your access to UPapp Services due to a violation of our Terms of Use.Switching Cost From Rental Plan to Standard Plan:

MonthCost %WebsiteMobile AppMobile App + Website
1 – 3 MonthsNANANANA
4 – 6 Months80%$ 240$ 400 $ 560
7 – 9 Months60%$ 180$ 300 $ 420
10+ Months30%$ 90$ 150 $ 210